Felt productionfoto1

Valmet’s unit in Portugal is one of the leading producers of felts for dry filtration worldwide.

Raw materials

With a state-of-the art machinery we manufacture felts and bags of:
- Polyester
- Polypropylene
- PAN (Homopolymer acrylic)
- PPS (Polyphenylsulphide)
- Meta aramide
- P84® (Poly imide)
- PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene)
- Glass

Surface treatmentsfoto2

Felts can be produced taking into account several types of surface treatments such as:

- Singed filtration side
- Not singed
- Singed on both sides
- Glazed filtration side
- Calender super smooth

Special finish

- Conductive by adding stainless steel fibers
- Conductive by using scrim with metallic grid

Chemical treatmentsfoto3

Our felts can also have chemical treatments depending on the application’s requirements:

- Oil and water repellent finish
- Acid resistant treatment
- Flame retardant
- PTFE impregnation
- Soil release