CementStar is a wide range of needle felts developed to provide quality dust filtration in Cement Plants. Designed for all filtration processes in a cement plant, CementStar felts give best performance and at the same time provide extended filter bag lifetime.

Valmet for cement Industry

Valmet supplies felts for all positions in the cement industry all over the world, directly or in cooperation with filter manufacturers. Over the years we have become experts in the three main cement processes: Coal Mill Dedusting, Kiln + Raw Mill Dedusting, Cement Mill Dedusting.

Valmet in cement Industry

- Reverse Air Cleaning
- Pulse Jet Cleaning

Solutions for all demanding positions



- High Temperatures
- Micro dust particles
- Chemically Unfriendly Environments
- Electrostatic Environments


- Excellent filtration efficiency
- Lower pressure drop during the bags lifetime
- Easy to clean
- Good runnability
- Operational reliability
- Meeting emission standards
- Cost effective dedusting process