BioStar is a range of needle felts for filtration applications at biomass plants. The felt gives best performance and provides extended filter bag lifetime.

BioStar structure

BioStar structure is based on different temperature resistant polymers stapled to a scrim support fabric using needling technology. Different raw materials can be used alone or combined together. The felt gets a special treatment which consists of PTFE impregnation with high solids content.

BioStar range allows finding the best solution for every specific application. With the right choice of raw materials we ensure trouble free running of your filtration process.

BioStar applications

BioStars are divided into two different groups depending on their temperature resistance:

Temperatures up to 180ºC

- Polyphenylen sulfide (PPS)

Temperatures up to 250ºC

- Polyimide (P84®*)
- Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)


- Excellent filtration efficiency
- Exceptional dust cake release allowing highest air flow at a low and stable pressure drop
- Low pressure drop results in energy savings
- Dimensional stability of bags